Consolidation of Web Hosting

Over the years I have registered many domain names and accumulated a number of web hosting accounts. Most of these sites were created for my own tinkering and receive very little traffic; even on the smallest hosting packages they don’t get anywhere near the limit for storage space or bandwidth.  Historically I have taken the easy option and just renewed the services but this year I decided to try and save some money by moving all my sites to one web hosting account.

Most hosting services allow you to create add-on domains, which basically means you can have multiple domains and websites under one CPanel account.  Each new domain is essentially parked and pointed to a sub-domain of your main domain name, which results in every add-on domain also creating a sub-domain of This is not ideal, however it doesn’t change what visitors to the websites see and is a small price to pay for the savings made from consolidation.

The first service that has come up for renewal is my wife’s site, which also runs WordPress.  I had never transferred a WordPress site before, but it turned out to be very straightforward. There are many guides, like this one, that explain how to migrate your site.

The only other thing I had to consider was email, almost all my domains point to my Google Apps account. It’s really easy to administer and keeps large gigabytes of mailboxes off my paid-for hosting space.  So after pointing the name servers for the domain to the new hosting company, I just had to add MX records in CPanel to point to Google.