Five Minimalist WordPress Themes

I’m a big fan of minimalist web design. Here are five of my favourite free WordPress themes that have a clean, minimalistic look. They don’t rely on big photos to make an impact (although most look good with photos too) and so are ideally suited to individual blogs that have a lot of text.

Independent Publisher

Independent Publisher Theme

This theme has quite a few options, including a sidebar where you can add widgets. The menu moves from the left to the top as the screen narrows, so it looks good on mobile devices.


Less Theme

Similar to Independent Publisher, but with the menu always at the top. No widgets here, just the basics of what you need for a blog. The title and menu text are small, making your posts the centre of attention.



Syntax Theme

A theme from Automattic, this has a single column, with a menu that pops out when needed. It works well as a minimal, text only, theme but there are a lot of customisation options and it looks great with big photos as well.



Tiny Theme

A really clear, simple, one-column design, it looks particularly good on mobile devices. Up until recently I used it for this site.


Mnmlist Theme

So minimal it’s hardly there at all. The Mnmlist theme was created with very little, and more  was removed with each new version. Probably a little too minimal for most, and perhaps shouldn’t make the list as it doesn’t adapt to mobile screens very well. Nevertheless, I do use this theme on one of my domains, which is effectively parked until further use.




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