I had been thinking about rebranding for a while, as my old domain name was far from unique. A quick Google search showed I shared my name with, amongst others, a large Pakistani bank and a Viennese band that describe their genre as “funk funk funk”.

So after nearly a year of using a different domain, I have changed to Whilst it doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue, it is descriptive and more importantly it was not taken as a username on any of the major social networks or forums I frequent. This meant I could have one consistent name across all these sites.

It was particularly satisfying to Google my new name, shortly after I had registered the domain:

Screenshot from 2014-11-07 17:22:57

That’s about as unique as you can get!

Of course, I needed to move my WordPress installation from my old domain. I had transferred WordPress sites between servers before (keeping the same name), but not moved to a new domain. It turned out to be fairly straightforward, however, and WordPress themselves provide a useful guide on this subject.

I have retrospectively changed names in previous blog posts to try to ensure consistency, but you may find the odd reference to the previous domain on here.