Spring Theming

When I started this site I wanted a clean, simple, flat design which, of course, also had to be responsive.  I picked Tiny Theme as it fitted this criteria and looked great on mobile devices. The only real gripe I had with it was that on a full size computer screen, it looked a bit too simple.

For example, there is only one drop-down menu for everything, which means it takes two clicks to change pages. That’s perfect for a phone, but on a full screen there is plenty of room to have other menus. It just felt a bit like you were viewing a simplified mobile site rather than the full site. This is what it used to look like:



One of the great things about WordPress is the sheer number of themes that are created for the platform. It is so easy to install a preview themes you can spend hours flicking through different designs. I wanted something similar to my existing theme, but that had more menu and widget options for bigger screens. I spent ages yesterday trawling through themes and I think I have an extra 20 installed at the moment.  I actually gave up as I couldn’t find anything that looked as nice as what I had, but today when I was searching for a different theme for another website I run, I chanced upon Flato. It was almost exactly what I was looking for: a clean flat design, which had a menu for pages and room for widgets, but which removed this excess information when viewed on a mobile device. So I swapped.

Now I need to go an view all my pages to make sure everything is where it should be.